Five Tips for Preparing a Motorcycle for Transport

Daily Direct LLC pic

Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct LLC offers nationwide transportation services for motorcycles and similar vehicles from its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since its establishment in 1988, Daily Direct LLC has maintained a team consisting of motorcycle enthusiasts and transportation veterans with the skills required for proper shipping procedures for motorcycles. Motorcycles require specialized care to ship, and the following tips can help owners prepare their bikes for transport.

1. Document pre-existing damage. Create a graphic and written record of any existing damage your bike possesses prior to shipping. Include the date of inspection and ask the transporter to sign off on it.

2. Thoroughly clean the bike. Shipping a motorcycle before cleaning it of accumulated dirt and grime can make it more difficult to clean the bike later. In addition, exposure to environmental conditions during transport can lead to additional grime and damage.

3. Remove valuables and personal items. Remember to check saddle bags, compartments, and under-seat storage areas for valuables and personal items before shipping your bike. Transportation businesses are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items and accessories.

4. Review shipping policies regarding fluids. Some shipping companies require owners to drain gas tanks and other fluids before transport in order to ensure the safety of bikes and shipping staff. Read the policies of the business you choose, and heed instructions.

5. Inspect bikes before shipping. Do a final inspection of your motorcycle before shipping to check for loose attachments, items you may have forgotten to remove, and any missed grime or dirt. Also check your records to ensure all inspections possess dates and signatures.


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