How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Daily Direct LLC pic

Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct LLC is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based specialty shipping company that transports motorcycles across the country. Security is an important concern in transporting valuable motorcycles, and Daily Direct LLC delivers with secure, enclosed trailers and GPS tracking for all of its trucks. Here are some tips to keep your bike safe on the road and at home.

When parking your motorcycle in public, make sure to lock the ignition after shutting it off. Use a lock to secure your bike to a heavy object that cannot be taken apart, or if traveling in a group, lock the motorcycles to one another. You can also use a brightly colored, conspicuous lock for the forks or disc brakes to deter thieves, and it is always a good idea to install a loud alarm. If you keep your motorcycle in a garage, use your other vehicles to block it in, and keep all garage and access doors shut and locked.

Take care with all vehicle-related documents. Never keep the title in the compartments of your motorcycle, but instead store it safely within the home. When riding your motorcycle, always keep your registration and insurance papers on your person. And of course, use caution when disclosing personal information to strangers, such as where you live or work.


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