Selling Your Motorcycle: Tips for a Safe Sale

Daily Direct LLC pic

Daily Direct LLC

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Daily Direct LLC is a logistics company that specializes in shipping motorcycles across the country. Those selling or purchasing pre-owned motorcycles privately can utilize a delivery service such as Daily Direct LLC to transport bikes safely. Here are some helpful hints for your security when selling a motorcycle.

When you are showing a motorcycle in person, ask for the potential buyer’s name and address, and then check it against their driver’s license to make sure it matches. While inspecting potential buyer’s identification, be sure to note whether they have a motorcycle endorsement. Be cautious when dealing with out-of-state buyers.

If the potential buyer requests a test drive, check to make sure the vehicle they arrived in belongs to them, and that the value is greater than or equal to the motorcycle for sale.

Remember to keep the vehicle title until the buyer’s form of payment clears. You may mail the title to the new owner, or forward it through the dealership if you have sold the motorcycle on consignment.


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