Motorcycle Vacationing: Don’t Forget These Shipping Essentials

motorcycle Image:


Daily Direct LLC offers a full range of motorcycle shipping service to business and residential clients across the United States. Because Daily Direct LLC frequently ships motorcycles for customers embarking on vacations, it encourages travelers to prepare themselves and their motorcycles for the journey.

Before shipping a motorcycle, owners should always inspect their vehicles for scratches and dents. By providing detailed documentation of the physical condition of the vehicle, owners will make their lives much easier if they need to file an insurance claim. In the same vein, it is almost always advisable to buy some type of shipping insurance.

From a logistical standpoint, motorcycle owners can typically store spare parts and tools inside their trunks or saddlebags. Because shipping companies often do not ship any parts separately, motorcycle owners should look into shipping important parts with carriers such as UPS or FedEx. Perhaps most importantly, owners should avoid leaving their keys at home. By attaching a set of keys to the vehicle and keeping a spare set with them, motorcycle travelers can avoid disaster once they reach their destination.


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