Tips for Staying Cool in Hot Weather While on a Motorcycle

motorcycle riding

motorcycle riding


Comprised of a team of motorcycle-shipping experts, Daily Direct LLC strives to keep customers’ bikes safe and secure during transport to locations around the United States. Whether a customer wants to ship a bike to a rally or enjoy a scenic ride in another part of the country, Daily Direct LLC makes doing so convenient and less stressful.

One of the best parts about motorcycle riding is enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. However, when the temperature outside rises, riders should take special precautions to ensure they stay safe. Heat comes off the dark asphalt roads as well as from the sun above, and overheating is a real possibility.

To start, dress in layers, and take layers off as needed. It’s a good idea for your clothing selection to include a jacket. While it may seem unnecessary on a warm day, wearing a jacket shields skin from the sun, helping to prevent painful sunburn, as well as protects against the chilling effect of the wind.

If your jacket, pants, gloves, and other articles of clothing contain vents, you can enjoy some welcome airflow as you ride. Additionally, you might wear a cooling vest, an article of clothing that you can immerse in water and put on under your jacket, though a T-shirt soaked in water can have the same refreshing effect. Of course, if you begin to feel overheated while riding, even with these precautions, take a break to rest and rehydrate.


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