Preparing to Ship Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Shipping pic

Motorcycle Shipping

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Daily Direct LLC is a national carrier offering shipping services for motorcycles, choppers, ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycle side cars. Daily Direct LLC is fully licensed and insured, and its team of seasoned transportation professionals utilize a specialized system to prevent damage while in transit.

Shipping a motorcycle requires a great deal of preparation. Daily Direct LLC strives to simplify the process via its HaulBikes service, which does not require motorcycle owners to drain their gas tanks, disconnect their batteries, or crate their vehicles. However, there are a few preliminary steps customers can take to further ease the shipping process.

Before sending your motorcycle off to its destination, thoroughly inspect it to note any pre-existing scratches or other imperfections. Detailed documentation of your vehicle’s condition will be extremely useful in the unfortunate instance that you must file an insurance claim.

While you can stow your personal property inside your vehicle’s trunk or saddlebags, you should avoid shipping pipes, helmets, or other extra parts outside of the motorcycle when transporting via a dedicated carrier. Additionally, be sure to lock or otherwise secure your motorcycle’s storage compartments.

Lastly, don’t forgot your keys! Consider affixing them to your motorcycle’s handlebars with a zip tie, and keep a spare set on your person for extra security. If you are shipping your vehicle to a separate party, you may also send the keys via a certified mail carrier.


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