Choosing a Trailer to Haul Your ATV

Daily  Direct LLC pic

Daily Direct LLC

Since 1988, Daily Direct LLC has helped motorcycle owners ship their bikes to homes, businesses, and special events across the United States. The company relies on its experienced team of motorcycle enthusiasts to transport vehicles via a fully insured system specifically designed to guard against damage. In addition, Daily Direct LLC facilitates shipping for jet skis, motorcycle side cars, and ATVs.

ATV trailers are available in a variety of sizes capable of housing between one and six vehicles at a time. For this reason, individuals purchasing or renting an ATV trailer should ensure that the trailer is suitable to support their intended load. Consider the combined weight of your 4-wheelers, and choose a trailer that is large enough to support each vehicle proportionately. Position the quads to allow the hitch to bear the majority of the weight while avoiding placing too much strain on the rear of the trailer.

In addition to choosing an appropriate size, it is also imperative to examine an ATV trailer for structural integrity. Be sure to use a sturdy tongue mounting system that does not warp or crack in transit. In order to prevent cracked trailer welds, the trailer’s cross members should be equally sturdy.


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