Proper Storage Tips for Your Motorcycle




Daily Direct LLC is a motorcycle shipping and transport company that serves clients nationwide. Daily Direct LLC encourages bikers to store their bikes appropriately when they will not be using them for a long time.

Storing a motorcycle properly is one of the best ways to make sure it will start up right away on ignition. Poor storage can mean problems the next time bikers want to use their bikes.

Here are a few basics of storing a motorcycle:

Lubricate the motorcycle’s moving parts. This includes the cables, chain, and all joints. Change the oil, and then run the engine for a few minutes. Remove the battery, and store it someplace warm and dry. Inflate the tires to the correct pressure, and drain the carburetor.

Wax the tank, and clean the motorcycle, taking care to remove all tar, grease, dirt, and bugs. Apply moisturizer to the tires to prevent them from drying out.

Find an appropriate spot for storage. Look for a location that is dry and adequately heated. Cover the motorcycle with a porous cover that keeps moisture out.


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