Daily Direct LLC Rates and Pricing FAQ

Rates and Shipping pic

Rates and Shipping
Image: haulbikes.com

Since 1988, Daily Direct LLC has transported motorcycles nationwide. With a professional team of transportation veterans who are also motorcycle enthusiasts, Daily Direct LLC can provide customers with the special shipping care they demand. Find more information about rates and pricing below.

Q: What is the average cost to ship a motorcycle?
A: Motorcycle shipping is offered within eight pick-up and delivery zones. Within these zones, costs range between $555 and $675, not including the additional fuel surcharge.

Q: Are there any discounts and deals available?
A: Customers may be able to take advantage of the western states summer shipping special for pick-up or delivery to California, Nevada, or Arizona for $400. There is also a summer shipping special for any location in the United States for $450.

Q: Where can I find the pricing for each shipping zone?
A: Visit Haulbikes.com to find pick-up and delivery zones on the zone map. Then you can match your pick-up and delivery points to the zone pricing table. Additionally, customers can call 1-888-HAULBIKES for an exact quote.


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