Protecting Motorcycle Tires during Winter Storage

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Daily Direct LLC


Daily Direct LLC strives to provide convenient and high-quality motorcycle shipping services for its clients around the country. By keeping bikes secure during their journey, Daily Direct LLC helps motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy their rides for years to come.

A key part of keeping a motorcycle in top working order is storage during the winter months, a hard reality for people who live in areas of the country with cold winters. Many detrimental things can happen to a bike that is not stored properly. However, a few actions taken in the off-season can help prevent bad things from happening.

Ideally, motorcycles put away for extended periods should be stored so that the tires do not touch the ground, which is possible through the use of special paddock stands. However, preventing flat spots is still possible without these stands.

Inflate the tires until they reach their highest recommended volume. If you are storing the bike on concrete flooring, consider putting pieces of carpet down as protection against the cold ground. Throughout the winter, rotate the tires periodically. By following these precautions, your bike’s tires should be in good condition when warm weather returns.


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