Cleaning and Maintaining a Motorcycle’s Paint and Chrome

Motorcycle Maintanence pic

Motorcycle Maintanence

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When going out on the road or to a rally, a shiny bike helps set the stage for a great time. However, care needs to be taken with the bike’s paint and chrome surfaces to ensure that it keeps its original luster.

First of all, make sure that the cleaning product you use on the bike’s body is safe for painted surfaces. It should have a pH of six to eight, as products outside of this range may be alkaline or acidic enough to damage the paint. A mild soap mixed with water and applied with a soft rag is typically effective on painted areas, and chrome as well.

If you’re still dealing with hard-to-remove grime on the bike’s bodywork, you might consider using a pressure cleaner. However, focus the device on the bike’s body and wheels, as the pressurized water can damage more delicate areas of the bike, such as the brakes or chain.

Afterward, put finishing touches on the bike. Chrome benefits from the use of polish to help it maintain its shine, and wax protects painted surfaces from the sun and other weather elements. When applying wax, be sure to put the wax on a clean cloth, rather than on the bike directly. Then buff off the wax with a cloth that is free of lint.


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