Daily Direct LLC’s Motorcycle Winter Storage Reminders

Motorcycle Winter Storage pic

Motorcycle Winter Storage
Image: haulbikes.com

Daily Direct LLC is a motorcycle transportation specialist that also transports other motorized sports vehicles, including ATVs and jet skis, throughout the United States. In areas with cold climates, motorcycles may have to be kept in storage during the harsh winter months. Daily Direct LLC offers some helpful reminders on how to properly store bikes to improve their chances of functioning normally when spring arrives.

The first consideration is securing an appropriate location to store the motorcycle. A dry and heated place is the most ideal. Physically preparing the bike involves lubricating all moving parts, including cables, pivoting parts, and the chain. The battery should be removed and stored in a dry, warm place. Adding fuel stabilizer to a filled gas tank will prevent the gasoline from spoiling, and waxing the tank will provide a protective coating. If applicable to the motorcycle, the carburetor needs to be drained.

Remove all bugs, tars, and other items that have built up on the bike during the riding season. In addition, inflate the tires to the appropriate level and apply a moisturizer to the tires to help prevent dry-out. Finally, sheath the motorcycle in a breathable cover to avoid trapping moisture underneath.


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