Safety Tips for Motorcycle Passengers

Daily Direct LLC pic

Daily Direct LLC

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Daily Direct LLC is a motorcycle transport company serving customers across the United States. Daily Direct LLC stresses the importance of motorcycle safety, particularly when passengers are involved.

In terms of gear, passengers should wear all the same safety equipment as the rider: durable footwear, leather gloves, pants, eye protection, and an abrasion-resistant jacket. Because passengers typically sit directly over the rear wheel, loose garments such as scarves or long pants may get caught in a moving part of the motorcycle, causing an accident. As such, these items should be avoided.

Due to the proximity of hot mufflers and drive chains, passengers should place their feet on the proper foot pegs and keep them there at all times. Passengers should keep their weight as centered as possible on the motorcycle, which will help the rider ensure a smooth ride. During a turn, passengers can help the rider by looking over their inside shoulder. This distributes the overall weight slightly inward, allowing for a seamless turn.


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