Prepare Your Motorcycle for Transport with These Three Tips

Daily Direct LLC pic

Daily Direct LLC

A motorcycle transport company operating throughout North America, Daily Direct LLC helps customers address shipping logistics in a variety of situations. For instance, Daily Direct LLC picks up motorcycles and delivers them to a specific destination, making it easy to customize a cross-country motorcycle adventure.

When it comes to preparing your motorcycle for long-distance transport, even the smallest steps can have a large impact on the condition of your bike. Here are three tips to help you prepare your bike for transport.

1. Clean your bike.
Before shipping your bike, inspect it thoroughly and clean off any heavy dirt or soil deposits on the frame or wheels. Check for leaking fluids, which may incur extra charges from the shipping company if left unrepaired.

2. Inspect for damages.
Go through every square inch of your bike, documenting even the smallest scratches and dings with photos. Submit a copy to the shipping company for reference, in case your bike comes back with damages at your shipping destination.

3. Remove loose items.
Be sure to remove all accessories, alarms, and other items from the storage compartments on your bike. In the same vein, be sure to tighten any loose parts, which can become detached during transit.


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