Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Winterizing Your Motorcycle pic

Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Daily Direct LLC is a national motorcycle transport company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As it is located in a cold climate, Daily Direct LLC has expert advice for motorcycle owners who need to store their vehicle over the winter months.

Bikers who aren’t able to ride year-round should winterize their bikes every year. Taking a few simple steps when putting them away for the cold months will ensure a smooth-starting engine in the spring, when the weather is once again perfect for two-wheeled transportation.

Before storing, always make sure the tire pressure is correct, and fill the gas tank while adding a stabilizer to the fuel. The full tank will reduce water contamination, and the stabilizer will inhibit oxidation of the gasoline.

It is also necessary to change the oil and then remove the motorcycle’s battery. After changing the oil, be sure to run the engine a bit to circulate the fresh oil throughout the motor. It’s also advisable to lubricate any of the bike’s external moving parts such as the chain and cables.


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